CHOPIN Hall Begins Fresh Vegetable Program

CHOPIN Hall Begins Fresh Vegetable Program

For nearly 29 years CHOPIN Hall has been on the front lines of food distribution and serves as the primary source of boxed food in Hancock County. In an effort to not only hand out food to people in need in our community, but to provide nutritional, healthy, and good tasting food we recently began distributing fresh vegetables. The vegetables are received from Apio GreenLine Foods in Bowling Green. In our first several shipments we received green beans, wax beans, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and sugar snap peas. People coming to CHOPIN for food have been offered any amount of the vegetables that they can use.

To help those people getting the vegetables understand ways to enjoy them, OSU Extension Office Family Nutrition Program Assistant Karen McDougall has been offering food samples to those coming to CHOPIN Hall for assistance. There are some people who have never had fresh vegetables so giving them a sample with instructions on how to prepare the food is vital. Celery spread with peanut butter and green beans cooked with onions and bullion are several of the ways Karen
has shared vegetables with clients.

We hope this program will increase the nutritional value of the food being received by people in need. In addition, we would like this program to influence people to
incorporate other fresh fruits and vegetables into their diets, as well as to increase interest in gardening this summer.

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