What We Provide



CHOPIN Hall is the primary provider in our community of take-home food. We provide an emergency 4-day supply of nutritious and good tasting food for our clients. The amount of food received is based on the number of people living together in the household. Families may get food once a month at our location. They may also attend one or both of the two mobile food pantries run by CHOPIN Hall each month, giving people the opportunity to receive three large boxes of food a month. The food box received at our facility may contain: fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables, cereal, juice, a voucher for a free gallon of milk, peanut butter, pasta, pasta sauce, soup, frozen or canned meat, various bread choices, and miscellaneous donated food items.

In addition to food, we purchase and hand out with the food boxes toilet paper, bar soap, diapers and wipes, and children’s socks and underwear. When it has been donated to us, we also give out various personal care items and laundry detergent.

Community members donate all types of clothing, shoes, coats, household items, towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, small kitchen appliances. All items are given out free of charge.