Where We Get Our Supplies


 Making Every Dollar Go Further

CHOPIN Hall is able to effectively leverage all monetary donations into thousands and thousands of pounds of food. Much of our food is purchased from the West Ohio Food Bank in Lima at a cost of .10 to .18 a pound. Also purchased by CHOPIN Hall are fresh eggs, diapers, toilet paper, children’s socks and underwear, and vouchers to be redeemed for a gallon of milk. Food is also received from food drives, Panera, various bread distributors, Bob Evans restaurants, Aldi’s, a fresh vegetable distributor, and donations from individuals and groups.


In 2013, the food/milk vouchers we handed out had a retail value of $786,000 and cost us only $68,000. (This dollar amount does not include the cost of food transportation or the purchase of other items we provide such as diapers, personal care items, laundry detergent, etc.)  
A monetary donation to CHOPIN Hall is worth much more than only its face value.

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