CHOPIN Hall Board of Directors

These people give of their time to provide valuable leadership and guidance every step of the way.


Steve Switzer – President

John Davison – Vice President

Kathy Huber – Treasurer

Ashley Hendel– Secretary

Board Members

Nancy Littlepage

Holly McGhee

Dave Patrickson

Ruth Ann Richards

Steve Walburn

Mary Kay Kasiborski 

Executive Director Ron Rooker


Contract employee Mitch Stahl runs CHOPIN Hall’s mobile food pantries.

Member Churches

Formed in 1984 by representatives from 13 area churches as a way to centralize and streamline assistance, CHOPIN Hall is on the front lines of getting food, clothing, personal care items, and other necessities to people in need in our community. Approximately 40 Area churches provide almost 35% of our funding, with local businesses, organizations, and individuals providing the remaining funding.

Member churches are asked to help support our organization through their monetary gifts, volunteers, church representative/delegate, and prayers. Delegate meetings are held quarterly in hopes that our information will be taken back and shared with the member churches.