CHOPIN Hall was established in 1984 by 13 area churches. At that time, many people in-need were going from church to church looking for assistance. Representatives from the 13 churches decided they could make a bigger impact if they were to pool their resources, both financial and volunteer-wise, to create one location that would assist people in-need in our community. CHOPIN Hall leased a building at the intersection of Clinton Court and Jefferson Avenue and became operational on April 2, 1984. That first year, 781 families were given help with food and clothing and $12,705 was raised to provide those services. In 2006, CHOPIN Hall moved into The Family Center, a multi-tenant center that houses multiple nonprofit organizations. The agency’s size was expanded to 6,100 square feet and included a walk-in freezer. The additional space was invaluable with visits to CHOPIN Hall increasing in 2006 to 32,491. CHOPIN Hall continues to operate at The Family Center. Over 60 volunteers, along with one paid staff member, provide assistance to thousands of families each year.